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Yoni Steaming Provides Support For Women's Physical & Emotional Wellbeing.

Yoni Steams bring warmth and healing. It is a traditional healing method that has been used for generations by the midwives, grandmothers, and traditional healers of Central and South America, as well as throughout many cultures around the world. Yoni Steaming is being revived to relieve many womb ailments that affect the modern women.

 Yoni is Sanskrit and means the divine passage or the source of life.  Through both the uterus and vagina, Yoni transcends the anatomical and is a temple where the divine female essence can be honored.  The Yoni is a magical space of wisdom, creation, and healing.

Here are some of the countless benefits of Yoni Steaming:

  • Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation

  • Balance menstrual flow, as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses

  • Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles

  • Increase fertility

  • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth

  • Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis

  • Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar

  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids

  • Relieve chronic vaginal/yeast infections

  • Ease symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse

  • Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body

  • Release stored emotions and tap into the energy that is our creative potential


  • If you are currently in your Moon (Menses) Cycle.

  • If you are Pregnant, or believe you may be pregnant.

  • If you have an IUD.

  • If you have any active internal abdominal infections (cervical, uterine, ovarian inflammation, cancers)

  • If you have a fever.

  • If you have any open sores or blisters present.

  • Vagina piercing (must be removed)

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